Cardiff Castle Arcade

Cardiff Castle Quarter Arcades Are Historical Masterpieces

The Cardiff Castle Quarter Arcades are the historical part of Cardiff’s architectural and retail heritage, which has evolved over 131 years serving the public. The doors opening in 1885. The Castle Quarter is the heart of authenticity in changing the City Centre. Being over a century old the renovation and restoration has kept Castle Quarter Arcades as they were during the Victorian and Edwardian era.

The Castle Quarter has 3 beautiful Edwardian and Victorian arcades which are all within a short walking distance located near Cardiff Castle, Castle Arcade, Duke Street Arcade and High Street Arcade. Within the era, the shops originated of being the home of Drapers, Fortune Tellers, Jewelers, Apothecaries, and Tailors. Over the years the Castle Quarter has adapted to the needs of the modern day environment without losing its old historical charm. Castle, Duke and High Street Arcades are all private chambers that are now in use as offices, studios, and residential suites.

Castle Arcade was opened in 1887 and is listed as a Grade ll* building. It is one of the longest running, famous Victorian arcades within Cardiff. The Castle Arcade was built in two sections during 1882 and 1889. It is known for its magnificent central junction. Looking through the Dutch renaissance-inspired archway it perfectly establishes the Cardiff Castle giving an impeccable the view. The name of the Arcade is very fitting as it is opposite the Cardiff Castle running to the High Street, North of St Mary’s Street. This arcade is well known for cafes, niche boutique shops, Fair-trade and Organic shops. Castle Arcade is a home to a variety of shops selling crystals, air pistols, fancy dress, books, and clothes. This arcade is mainly well known for cafes, niche boutique shops, Fair-trade and Organic shops.

Duke Street Arcade was opened in 1902 and is listed as a Grade II building. The arcade is the only Edwardian arcade within the Castle Quarter trio. The addition of the arcade made the Duke and High Street Arcades the only adjoining arcades in Cardiff. Duke Street Arcade is linked with the High Street Arcade and again is just opposite Cardiff Castle. The arcade is lined up with stores such as Bridal Shops, Hairdressers, and Welsh gift shops.

High Street Arcade was opened in 1886 and is listed as a Grade II building. High Street Arcade was the first arcade to be completed from the arcade trio. Encouraged and Inspired by the popular architecture of the time which was gothic. The arcade was designed by Peter Price who began first by constructing the Albert Chambers. It has two main entrances being on High Street and St John Street. This arcade is particularly known for its high range in fashion. There are stores including Designer Clothing, Individual Fashions, Jewelry and Vintage Clothing. This arcade also provides Children’s Clothes, Toys Shops, Gift Shops along with a popular New York Deli within the arcade.

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